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Telepathy Synthesis

Telepathy is a powerful synthesis engine built on top of The Votan Platform. It is available as an iOS app and also as an 32/64 bit Audio Unit. The two independent platforms are both seamlessly linked via The Votan Platform Cloud and Control features offering near zero latency control over an infinite series of Telepathy AU instances direct from the iPad touch screen. Telepathy presets can be elegantly stored in the cloud for access of any devices or Audio Unit instances. These presets can also be shared with other users, or groups of users if your choose. You can of course store presets on your device if you wish.

We decided to keep Telepathy simple and intuitive. But that does not mean its not capable of some serious humdingers! The free flowing architecture of the synthesis engine allows you to un-sync the normally static oscillator section to allow new found soundscapes normally only found in analogue modular synthesisers. Telepathy is joy to use, be it on the bus to work or professionally constructing your tracks in your favourite studio DAW. Telepathy will fill the gaps between. Everything you build on iOS will telepathically appear in your DAW session ready to rock your next tune.

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